About Chinese knife&tool brands

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-11-30      Origin: Site

Speaking of China's tool market, we all feel very complicated: On the one hand, the tool market has been triumphant in the last decade, sales soared, showing a faction but intensified the dispute but also prosperous scene, so that tool people in their own On the other hand, the level of competition is so completely different - foreign (referring to industrialized countries) basically only knives and foreign tool competition, the domestic tool is basically only with the domestic tool competition! This seems to be the phenomenon of laminar flow described in fluid mechanics. In most areas, the technical level of domestic tools from foreign counterparts too much difference, and even not eligible for entry!
Domestic knives are mostly used in medium and low requirements of the customer base, such as agricultural machinery, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, general machinery and middle and low machinery manufacturing industry. The added value of these industries is relatively low, so the need for machining precision has also been relaxed so that machines and tools that are cheaper, but with reduced precision and efficiency, are available. Although these fields are heavily used and the market is small, the price of a single tool is extremely low, as if they were the same as selling raw materials. Is not it? Speaking of China's high-speed steel, carbide and other tools used in the forefront of the amount of material, big but not strong. The influential Chinese tool brands in the world tool market have not yet.

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