Carbide Cutting Tools

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-30      Origin: Site

    In a few year's export tax rebate policy adjustment, the export tax rebate rate of carbide cutting tools and other products 5% to 11%, for enterprises, its significance is not just to increase profits so simple. With state support and their own confidence in the future among the tool in the international market more competitive.

    Carbide tool production tool industry is the future direction of our country, the export tax rebate standards rising, indicating that state support for carbide cutting tools business to some extent.

    Our main tool production speed steel cutting tools and carbide cutting tools. Since the high-speed steel cutting tools production spend a lot of resources, and low-end products, low prices, the industry will not encourage this. However, due to the domestic demand for machinery manufacturing industry, and yet the transformation of domestic enterprises tool technology, most of the domestic production of such tool in the tool business is still dominated, while exports are also great.

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