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Dav Gear Design Studio
Dav Gear Design Studio provides product design and development services for the knife, sword, and collectible weapon or novelty industry, specializing in licensed properties for motion pictures and video games. We can design the product and supply control drawings and CAD for manufacturing. We can make 2D color designs or 3D digital models, 3D printing and create everything for manufacture products. We also offer graphic design services for product logos and packaging, as well as product photography and illustration services. Contact us for availability and scheduling.

Knife Design, Product Development and Replica Design and Supervision - From concept to CAD and products.  Including: Functional Knives - Fixed Blades and Folders, Sporting to Tactical Collectible Weapons, Motion Picture and Video Game Replicas, Fantasy Swords and Knives and Novelty items. 
Graphic Design - Logo Design and Branding, Package Design, Ads/Flyer/Catalog Design
Paten Service - Top professional law team with Dav Gear could help protect Customers’ OEM projects or any intellectual property rights in China
Dav Gear Design Studio lunches more than 200 ODM projects for customer’s selection in exclusive. And more than 20 patents were got licensed in China, USA and EU every year. 
Following designs come from Dav Gear Design Studio. All of them are original and ingenious. We provide them in following list in order for customer selection. We have the intellectual property rights of them and all of them have not been under production yet.  If any of the designs are attracted you, you may let us know. We could provide clear design pictures for your viewing and decision. After IA (Intention Agreement), we will follow these steps in co-operation:
3D Designs - We will use software to finish 3d data of our design and send it for customer confirmation.
Prototype Sample - We will use 3D printer to finish prototype sample and send to customer for finial confirmation.
Final Unit Price - After finish Prototype samples, we will know the exact product procedure and we could know exact unit price
Sale Contract & Exclusive Agreement - After confirmation the Prototype Sample & Finial Unit Price, we will make formal Sale Contract and Exclusive Agreement for signtures.
Production & Shipment -  We will proceeding as normal orders as our standard proceedure.
And we will delete the design from this list when it has been done. Thanks! 
3DV013DV01 3DV023DV02 3DV033DV03 3DV043DV04
3DV053DV05 3DV063DV06 3DV073DV07 3DV083DV08
3DV093DV09 3DV103DV10 3DV113DV11 3DV123DV12
3DV133DV13 3DV143DV14 3DV153DV15 3DV163DV16
3DV173DV17 3DV183DV18 3DV193DV19 3DV203DV20
3DV213DV21 3DV223DV22 3DV233DV23 3DV243DV24
3DV253DV25 3DV263DV26 3DV273DV27 3DV283DV28
3DV293DV29 3DV303DV30 3DV313DV31 3DV323DV32
3DV333DV33 3DV343DV34 3DV353DV35 3DV363DV36
3DV373DV37 3DV383DV38 3DV393DV39 3DV403DV40
3DV413DV41 3DV423DV42 3DV433DV43 3DV443DV44
3DV453DV45 3DV463DV46 3DV473DV47 3DV483DV48

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